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Ensure your child gets the best start in life with Excel Orthodontics

Bringing your child in for an orthodontic examination early can help your child’s dental and overall health!

A new toothbrush that was recently released helps encourage kids to brush properly by playing them music whilst they brush. While general dental health is incredibly important to your child’s wellbeing and is greatly supported by our orthodontists, it is also important to bring your child in for an orthodontic examination by age seven to ensure your child’s teeth are developing properly.

Orthodontic treatment for kids…

Early assessment and detection of oral issues can allow for immediate treatment, which in turn minimises pain and discomfort later on in life. In some cases, early treatment of dental and orthodontic issues can completely prevent the onset of a significant orthodontic condition.

The benefits of early detection and treatment for your children…

The diagnosis and treatment of dental issues for your children can mean:

  • Minimisation or even prevention of crowded, crooked teeth and help prevent the need for extractions later in life.
  • Helps prevent impacted teeth and the damage they cause to surrounding teeth.
  • Improvement in the jaw, potentially elimination the need for extractions or even surgery.
  • Improves breathing patterns and helps to reduce snoring/sleep apnoea.

At Excel Orthodontics we believe in early detection to give your children the absolute best start in life, and with our fantastic orthodontic treatments, they don’t have to feel alienated by braces!

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