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Two inconspicuous braces treatments from Excel Orthodontics

Invisalign and Incognito hidden braces are the subtlest braces treatments available on the market

The modern world emphasizes looking your best all of the time. Although traditional braces are the most tried and trusted form of orthodontic treatment it is not always possible. Traditional braces are metal brackets and wires which are fixed to the front of the teeth, so it’s easy to imagine how your appearance could be inflicted. Lots of adults feel that traditional braces also make them look juvenile which in turn can affect the way they are respected or seen at work. Here at Excel Orthodontics in Adelaide we understand your concerns with your appearance and are here to suggest alternative orthodontic treatments.

Benefits of having clear or inconspicuous braces

Do you wish you could get the orthodontic treatment you need without having bulk or unsightly metal strewn across your front teeth? If, like a lot of people, having braces is a concern for you then it’s time to think about your other options. Inconspicuous braces allow you to smile without the distraction of metal which can hinder your self-confidence and your ability to smile comfortably.

Invisalign is a virtually invisible!

Invisalign is one of our most popular corrective smile treatments here at Excel Orthodontics. It is a revolutionary procedure which involves a series of completely transparent aligners which are swapped regularly in order to gradually straighten and realign your teeth. This is a popular option for people with self-confidence issues or for people that don’t want their appearance at work to be affected. The treatment will often involve 18-20 aligners depending on the crookedness of your teeth.

Invisalign Teen is a great choice for your child

Invisalign Teen is similar to Invisalign for adults with a few minor differences. Invisalign Teen allows you as the parent to monitor their treatment so you can make sure that they are following the treatment plan. This orthodontic treatment is also a good option if your child is worried about their school mate’s opinions when it comes to their appearance. Invisalign Teen is a small price to pay for your child’s peace of mind and confidence.

Incognito is our favourite form of lingual braces

Every year we treat a number of happy patients with Incognito which results in perfect results with minimal effects to their lifestyle. Their appearance is not affected engatively at all thorughout the program as Incognito lingual braces are placed behind the teeth instead of the front which leaves your smile free and uninhibited. In every other way they are like traditional braces with normal brackets and wires.

Excel Orthodontics is the foremost orthodontic provider in South Australia

Excel Orthodontics has multiple locations spread across South Australia. We have practices in West Lakes, Glenelg, Warradale and Nuriootpa and are dedicated to having readily available orthodontic treatments for everyone in the family.

If you would like to find out more about our orthodontic treatments please don’t hesitate to visit one of our Excel Orthodontics practices or contact us here.