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Don’t have time to straighten your teeth with your busy lifestyle?

Taking time to fit orthodontic treatment into your lifestyle can be a difficult thing to master, fortunately Excel Orthodontics offer treatment options to suit any lifestyle…

As an adult, our lives are full of work deadlines and social and personal obligations; as such, it can be difficult to factor the health of our teeth into our lifestyle. Teeth take time and meticulous attention to ensure that they remain free of decay and healthy, but every now and then they can become neglected in the grand scheme of things. Finding ways to enhance our smiles that are not time consuming yet affordable and also aesthetically pleasing can be difficult. This is why Excel Orthodontics has four locations in Warradale, Nuriootpa, Glenelg and West Lakes all striving to offer our patients convenient and cost effective treatment options for fast paced lifestyles.

Why does it take so long to move teeth with Orthodontic treatments?

A common concern for patients is the time it takes to move teeth during orthodontic treatments. This period of time often causes patients to refuse orthodontic treatment on the basis that it takes ‘too long’ or it is an ‘inconvenience’. It might be true that many orthodontic treatments (depending on the patient) can take at least 12 to 24 months to achieve the desired results, however this period of time is crucial for solidifying the effects of your treatment safely and efficiently.

Teeth stand inside the mouth and are connected to the jaw via tooth pulp, gums and your jawbone. This connection is incredibly strong, but it will not withstand high degrees of constant pressure. If teeth are moved too quickly during orthodontic treatment, it can make them weak and disrupt the connection. By moving teeth gradually, your teeth, gums and jawbone can re-adjust to the changes.

What options are available to Excel Orthodontics patients?

We understand the common frustration with orthodontic treatments and this is why we offer alternative orthodontic treatments that are specially designed to accommodate busy lifestyles and make the process of moving teeth less stressful and more beneficial for you. At Excel Orthodontics we offer Incognito Hidden Braces and Invisalign aligners to discretely and efficiently move teeth.

Inconspicuous teeth straightening with Incognito Hidden Braces…

Incognito Hidden Braces are lingual braces that are designed to sit on the inside of your teeth, not the outside like traditional braces. Unlike traditional braces, Incognito Hidden Braces are custom-made to mould onto your teeth, which actually decreases the likelihood of brackets pulling off and reduces the treatment time. By investing in gold bracket Incognito Hidden Braces, you can discretely move your teeth into a better position without anyone being any the wiser.

Virtually invisible orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners…

Take discrete orthodontic treatments to the next step with virtually invisible Invisalign aligners. This orthodontic treatment uses clear plastic aligners to slowly move your teeth. Invisalign aligners are completely removable so you can continue to enjoy the uninterrupted ability to eat, speak and drink. They are easy to clean; just rinse and clean like you would your natural teeth. Over the course of your treatment you will go through a series of aligners, one every two weeks, showing the gradual change your teeth are undergoing to transform into a straighter smile.

At Excel Orthodontics we strive to give patients adaptable options to suit their lifestyles and their teeth…

Both orthodontic treatments are completely custom-made to suit your teeth and your lifestyle. Either of our head orthodontists, Dr Watson or Dr Chen, will perform an oral assessment to determine which treatment would suit your lifestyle and your orthodontic requirements. Both procedures have shorter treatment times than traditional braces because they are custom-made to suit your teeth and are both inconspicuous to the casual observer.

If you would like to find out more about Incognito Hidden Braces or Invisalign, call us at Excel Orthodontics on 08 8295 7598.