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A beautiful smile is the secret to boosting your career!

In fact, a study has revealed a connection between the whiteness of a Presidential candidate’s smile and their chances of winning the election…

Your smile is the most recognizable characteristics, and is the key to making a good first impression. When it comes to your career, studies have revealed that 2 out of 5 recruiters would pass over a candidate during a job interview simply because they did not smile!

A beautiful smile and all beauty is primarily determined my symmetry

This means that if you are unhappy with your crooked smile, orthodontic treatment is one of the most powerful ways to restore symmetry and beauty to your smile. At Excel orthodontics located in Adelaide we have a range of orthodontic treatment options that are suitable for adolescents and adults alike. These include:
• Invisalign
• Incognito™
• Ceramic Braces
• Metal Braces
• Early Treatment
• Growth Modification
• Orthognathic Surgery
• AcceleDent™
To discover more about our innovative orthodontic treatment options, or to arrange a consultation at one of our Adelaide orthodontic practices, please contact us.